Sunday, February 05, 2017

And it's still snowing

Tyee Spit in a snowstorm:

Looking across the channel. Quadra Island has become invisible.

Tree with an eagle on top. The eagle kept moving from one tree to another, to a post; nothing seemed to satisfy him. Nothing to see, so nothing to eat.

Gumweed and logs. Looking inland, across the estuary.

Gusting wind brings the snow down at a 45 degree angle.

Sit and rest a while. Or maybe not.

Just another tree

Fallen branch

Feels like shelter.

That was Friday. All day yesterday, all last night, all this morning, it kept on snowing. The weather page promises clouds; right now, we've got big, fluffy snowflakes falling steadily. At least it's warmish under the snow, where my spring flowers are coming right along.

Let it snow!

Snow on last year's hollyhock stem.

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  1. WE are getting our share of snow down in Bellingham. I am just hoping that the small break forecast for Tuesday will let us get home on Pacific Coastal. But it is beautiful. - Margy


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