Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Of mice and tree ID

Douglas fir.

Cone with "mouse tails".

I like Douglas firs; they're the only ones whose cones have these three-pronged bracts. And the cones stay on the tree year-round. Very helpful.

Legend has it that the bracts are the hindquarters and tails of mice hiding in the cone from predators. Tiny mice. (From Trees of the Northwest)



    Then if the scales
    Are tangent words
    Shielding a fibre core,
    Then love breathes
    Dragon-tongues of fire
    Past the seeds.

    FWS, Salmon Arm & Westbank, B.C., 9-10 July 1989

    1. "Dragon tongues" Wonderful! I'll always think of them like this from now on.


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