Friday, January 20, 2017

Treacherous footing

I've surfaced from a few days battling the flu, in time to watch disturbing news from down south. This photo from Oyster Bay seemed appropriate.

The sign says "Tidal Flats unsuitable for walking".

The whole tidal area within the breakwater is deep in reeking, sticky, foot-grabbing muck, treacherous underfoot even around the edges. The sign is unnecessary; the stink is off-putting enough. And yet ... and yet ... the birds love it; peeps of all sorts dash about, finding goodies in the ooze, cheeping happily; ducks, dabbling and diving, take over when the tide comes in; geese and gulls rest on the sand banks, and purple martins occupy the nest boxes. None of these are present in the photo, probably because of the dog out on the breakwater and another on this side of the water. But they'll all be back shortly.


  1. I don't see any swamp draining going on down south, even though it was a big promise. I just see more muck being added. - Margy

  2. Stinking muck, at that. But the Women's March response today was encouraging, as was the response to them by many of the police. (Wearing pink pussy hats, doing selfies, high-fives, etc., instead of the expected brutality.) There are good people down there!


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