Saturday, November 05, 2016

Wonder and beauty

What do you call a collection of perfect shiny white balls, suitable for hanging on a Christmas tree?

A slime mold, of course!

White slime decorating moss "trees"

The name seems a bit off-putting.

These were cool and jelly-like to the touch. I didn't notice any odour.

Another mold, nearby. A different organism, or another stage of the same?

This one was a bit sticky on my fingers; I had to wipe them off on the grass.

I found several patches of another slime, a salmon-coloured mass, growing on what looked like old dog doings. And this one did look slimy, moldy, icky.

Not appetizing at all!

I didn't touch this one with my hands, because of the possibility of the base really being dog stuff, but I collected a small piece in a pill bottle, to see how it develops. It didn't do anything; just sits there slimily in its little container. But surprisingly, it has a pleasant, fruity smell, even after a couple of days.

And it reminded me of this xkcd comic:

From xkcd, cc.

So cute!

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