Sunday, November 06, 2016

And even more mushrooms

Told you it was mushroom season! Here, in no particular order, are a handful of "mushroom-shaped" mushrooms from Tyee Spit, between the rains.

Almost orange.

Pale tan/white. These ones all looked wet, even in dry weeds.

Dark brown.

With wings!

Caramel cream, slightly domed. A slug couldn't resist taking a nibble.

These flat, brown ones tend to split at the edges, and look like flowers in the moss.

Another three. One still whole, one "flowering", one totally deliquesced.

Tiny buttons

Looks like foamed milk on coffee.

A solid-looking specimen, growing in the shade of a cedar.

Tiny cones, in the duff under pines. Can you find the springtail here?


And one of the large, flat ones, upended.

Passers-by, seeing me looking at mushrooms, often stop to warn me; "You know some of these are poisonous, don't you?" "How do you know which ones are safe to eat?"

As if I were looking for a meal; the only proper reason to look for mushrooms. No. I look at mushrooms because they're beautiful. And amazing; such strength in such fragility!

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