Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Bugs'-eye view

It has been raining almost constantly for several weeks. Mushroom heaven! And then the sun forced its way through the clouds for a day.

Walking at the tip of Tyee Spit, I looked down at the moss and discovered that it is dotted with thousands of pinhead mushrooms. And hundreds of dime mushrooms. Even a few eyeball mushrooms. A dozen species, at least: tongues and cups, saucers and cones, puffballs and jellies, and, of course, the usual mushroom-shaped 'shrooms.

I was down on my knees in the soggy grass, taking photos of one, and wanted a photo of the stem. Wanted to see if there even was a stem. But I didn't want to lie face down in the wet; it was very wet. I put my hand down flat and set the camera down on top of it, and took blind photos.

My hand was too fat, and the mushroom too low; the camera saw only grass.

What the camera saw.

I sort of liked this one anyhow, mushroom-deficient as it is.

Now, I'll start processing mushroom photos, with real mushrooms. And a snake, too!

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