Saturday, October 01, 2016

Worth waiting for

Sometimes procrastination pays off. I had been intending to follow the trail that goes upstream along the Campbell River to a suspension bridge, but the summer went by too quickly, and here we are at the end of September already, with uncertain weather and busy schedules. This Tuesday, I found myself at the north end of town with my errands done, the sun shining, and several free hours before the evening activities, so I went looking for the trail head.

And it was the perfect day for it. Sunshine and shadow, deep browns and eye-watering yellows, the rumble of the highway above on one side, the river alternately murmuring or roaring on the other, as it ambled between islands or leapt over rocks in a deep channel. And an intriguing medley of scents; spicy evergreens, nutty mushrooms, dying skunk cabbages, crunchy, tangy maple leaves underfoot, and once, half a dead fish, left behind perhaps by a surprised bear. (I found several piles of bear scat, but it was dry and scentless.)

Near the starting point. A well-maintained trail. The river is on my right.

Here the river is shallow, but the current is strong in spots. I met several fishermen, none with fish so far. The river is home to several species of salmon and trout.

Further upstream, logs and rocks make a dam and a calm pool, glowing where the sun shines on it.

Looking straight up; green leaves, yellow leaves. And blue-green evergreens.

Another quiet pool, with a maple leaf floating slowly downstream.

In deeper shadow, sunlight picks out a few orange leaves.

Just trees, with their yellowing leaves.

Looking upstream. The trail goes up this shady side, then crosses and comes downstream in the sunshine.

The circuit, trailhead to trailhead, upstream and back down the far side, is about 4 km. long. A couple of women I met on the trail said it would take about an hour and a half to walk. (Plus another 1/2 km hike to get back to the car.) But I was poking along, looking at mushrooms and spider webs; it would take me much longer. Too long for that day. I turned back after the first kilometre; I'll be back soon, at least to reach the bridge.

Canyonview trail. I walked the south side from the parking lot to the next marker. There is another bridge further upstream, unmarked.

Some of the mushrooms, tomorrow.


  1. so long since we've been on the Island....

  2. A long time. You need a vacation. Over here.

  3. Love the leaves in the shade. Our maples aren't turning much, mostly just losing their green leaves. - Margy


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