Friday, October 28, 2016

And round and round she goes

This morning, a spider decided to make her web an inch outside my kitchen window, at the top where the window frame gives her a hint of shelter from the rain. I climbed up into the sink to watch her work.

Let it rain, who cares?

Weaving with several threads. Eight thread grabbers come in handy.

And round and round she goes.

View of the spinnerets, producing dual threads.

While most spiders have six spinnerets, some have two, four, or eight. ... Most spinnerets are not simple structures with a single orifice producing a single thread, but highly complex structures of many microscopic spigots, each producing one filament. This is important partly because it produces the necessary orientation of the protein molecules, without which the silk would be weak and useless. (Wikipedia)

I climbed down and went about my chores. When I came back an hour later, the web was done, and the spider was in hiding, waiting for her breakfast.


  1. spiders are an amazing example of industry and patience

  2. When I did a post about an orb spider it said they eat their webs each night to start over again. Amazing. - Margy

    1. They do. I've watched one eating her web at dusk. The webs often get pretty tattered, what with birds and wind and falling leaves and bugs that were just a bit too big, so they need to be refurbished. And why waste good protein?


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