Thursday, October 27, 2016


It's still warm enough for my crop of nasturtiums, and they're trying bravely to produce seeds, but the constant rain shreds the petals and the pollinating insects have fled. There may be no seed pods for my salads this year.

I rescued a few flowers that were hiding under the wide petals, and brought them inside.

Good in salad, but too pretty to eat.

At least one insect was still busy; it came inside with the handful of nasturtiums, too.

Earwig, too busy to notice the move.

So there are some pollinators out there, after all! I'll look for seeds again whenever it stops raining.


  1. That would be a nasty surprise to find in your salad!

  2. My marigolds are just melting in all the rain. Last year I had beautiful flowers into November. - Margy


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