Friday, October 14, 2016

Along the Myrt Thompson trail

The river:

Fall colours. If you look closely, (click) you can see the light streaming past the trees on the headland, and the rain of tiny falling leaves into the water.

Zooming in, a bit later, with ducks. the faint ripple at centre left is where a pair of harbour seals went under while the camera was busy focusing.

Water under the bridge, carrying leaves and detritus from the river bank.

Companions along the trail:

Running sparrow.

Grasshopper with a yellow face: Melanoplus sanguinipes.

The name, "sanguinipes", refers to the red legs (from the knee down) visible below the leaf in this photo.

Herb Robert. The leaves often turn red.

And a map:

Google Earth view, with my captions.

I still have to explore the Raven Channel trail. If When it ever stops raining.

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