Sunday, September 11, 2016

The neutrals

More from my collection of "someday" photos; a sampler of muted greens and browns. Designer colours, for some. Easy on the eye, but maybe too easy if you're trying to find an invisible grasshopper or a lurking spider.

Cross spider, Araneus diadematus, in her web over the water between the docks.

Grasshopper, Oyster Bay.

Lichen, Cladonia sp., Oyster Bay. Almost matches the grasshopper.

This lichen is in a log at Strathcona Lodge, on Upper Campbell Lake. The little scaly (or leafy?) cone-like buds are intriguing. (Click for full size.) I wish I'd seen them at the time. The camera's eye is better than mine.

"Eye" in a log. Strathcona Lodge. I'm pretty sure there's a spider in there.

Dippers on sandstone, Woodhus Creek. They kept running under the water in the calm spots, where the caddisfly larvae were.

Sparrows, Tyee Spit.

When the light is right, even the water is brown. Sandpipers, off Tyee Spit.

Here and there.

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