Tuesday, August 30, 2016

That's more like it!

After that brief foray into eye-sizzling sunshine and jarring colours, my eyes were pining for our accustomed greys and blue-greens. Luckily, it rained all day Sunday, and threatened rain all Monday. I grabbed a jacket and went down to Tyee Spit to watch the sky.

Looking northwest. There were quite a few walkers, all smiling.

From the inner edge of the spit, looking towards the Campbell River mouth. There's a heron hiding behind the grasses on the left.

A bit later, looking east. It feels like rain, and the fish are leaping out in the channel.

And here's the heron, watching me, but too lazy to fly away.

The heron in a more typical pose: looking discouraged. Herons are not happy birds, not even when they have a full stomach.

And overhead:
Into the wild grey yonder. Ducks, I think.

Five minutes from home.

A Skywatch post.

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  1. Beautiful clouds. The rain has been welcome, but a bit of sun in between isn't bad. - Margy


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