Thursday, April 28, 2016

Where the bee sups

The weather has been warm the last few days, so I was chasing bees. They were chasing pollen, and too excited about the new goodies on the trees to stay in any one spot for more than a few seconds. And they had company, which I was too busy following bees to notice until I looked at my photos.

Honeybee on hawthorn, with bags full of pollen. And a tiny fly on a leaf.

Another bee, also carrying shopping bags.

And another bee. With at least two other critters; can you find them?

Metallic fly; looks artificial.

Bumblebee in pink rhododendron.

Same bee, I think. And a tiny beetle. By the shape and size, I would guess it's a carpet beetle.

It looks like the buggy season is starting.


  1. I've never seen a honeybee at the cabin, but we do have bumblebees and what I think are mason bees. I built a bee hotel this year and the bees came the very next day. Already three of the holes have been filled and plugged. They are so much fun to watch. -- Margy

  2. A bee hotel sounds like a good idea! I'll look into it.


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