Friday, April 29, 2016

Lilac to purple

A few flowers from around my block.

Lilac. It seems everybody here has a lilac bush. The streets are perfumed.

Unidentified flowers growing in a great mound by a driveway. Beautiful, even the dying ones in the centre.

I had to sit on the curb for this one. A tiny, tiny vetch, growing in cracks in the cement.

Zooming in.
Vetches can be differentiated from most of the other members of Fabaceae by the fact that the terminal leaflet of each set of leaves is actually a tendril. (

Purple iris

Zooming in. A "come hither" wave for pollinators. The yellow pollen banks remind me of the opalescent nudibranch.

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  1. Can't believe it! The Lilac buds are strting to swell here, and the Iris leaves are 2" out of the ground, but we won't see blooms for 4-6 weeks yet!


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