Sunday, April 17, 2016

Saturated colours

A small collection of flowers, seen on my daily walk to the beach in Mazatlan, some in gardens, most growing out of the sidewalks.

Bougainvillea against a green wall.

The bougainvillea flowers are small and white; the brilliant colour is provided by the bracts surrounding the clusters, usually of three flowers.

Showy flowers and "squirt guns" of the African tulip tree, Spathodea campanulata

Small, white irises growing in a green belt between streets.


Street corner volunteer.

In a small pool just inside a gate. Pink water-lily.

Plumeria, aka Frangipani. Native to Mexico. I like the unusually striped leaves.

Red-tipped grass, growing between slabs in a street square.

And this is in the dry, cold (ish) season!

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  1. When we lived in California I had a beautiful bougainvillea plant on the fence. I love the brilliant colour. - Margy


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