Thursday, March 17, 2016

So yellow

Brand-new skunk cabbages.

So new, the bugs haven't found them yet.

So bright, yet I smelled them before I saw them, down there in the ooze.

And the trouble with highways: speeding along at 90 - 100 km/hr, something flashes by in your peripheral vision; a glittery lakelet, a browsing deer, the first salmon berry flowers. Or this afternoon, a whole field of shiny skunk cabbages. And you're going too fast. And there's no room on the shoulder to pull over. And there's a logging truck barrelling along behind you.

So, are you going to find a spot to turn around, retrace your steps (at 90 km/hr because of traffic), find a new spot to stop and turn, park and walk down the shoulder to the key spot? Or are you just going to go on home, berating yourself for not taking plan A?

Today, I went on home. Now I wish I hadn't.


  1. Your yellow skunk cabbage is quite different from our dark purple ones.

  2. That is such a grand spring color! There is a mile-long stretch of highway here that goes right up to the bay. The scenery is so beautiful with creeks winding through pasture lands. There is nowhere to pull over. We've seen things there that took our breath away. I think about parking somewhere down the road where it is slightly safer and walking back, but it's too dangerous. Still, I think about it.

  3. I've had that resisted urge so many times myself to stop the car and explore. Once I pulled onto the shoulder to have a good look at a hawk. Angry motorist car and truck horn blasts were my chastisement. Luckily, I have almost a hundred acres of my own to explore at my leisure -- and enjoy nature blogs such as yours.
    Florence (out to pasture)


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