Friday, March 18, 2016


The weather has changed. Every day this week, we've had at least some sunshine, and only an occasional burst of rain. And to make it even better, by Tuesday, I had crossed off almost everything on my To-Do list for the week. Time to hit the road!

So I drove north, to Woss (130 km, pop. 200, in the middle of nowhere), then home again. Then west, to Gold River and the coast beyond (100 km). Tomorrow, if the weather holds, I'll explore a road across the river, where there's another earth dam.

And so far, I've collected over 100 photos to process and post, as time permits. Mountains and snowcaps, fungi and waterfalls, tugboats and trees, coming up.

Rainbow in the next valley; it's hailing over there. Halfway home from Woss.

Next; some of the spectacular scenery on the Woss road.

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