Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Old Mossy

Anything left alone in the north woods eventually reverts to a state of nature. This flatbed truck abandoned at the end of a no-name road through the bush is halfway there.


Shrubs grow in the engine compartment, moss everywhere else.

Headlight and fog lamp

Dashboard. Look at that dial! Oil pressure, temperature, gas, battery. The other dial must be speed. And one of the knobs would be the choke.

I couldn't recognize the make or year. Can you?


  1. Probably the trees grew up around it rather than getting stuck. I love finding things like this in the bush. Some of the large equipment looks too expensive to leave behind, but they do. - Margy

  2. Yes, it's been there longer than the trees have lived, I would think.

  3. Now that's a neat one, all that moss.


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