Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Do Not Attempt To Leave"

"If you find yourself in the unfavourable situation of being in Campbell River and a southeasterly is already in progress, do not attempt to leave the harbour. A flood current (south) runs directly into the teeth of a southeasterly at Cape Mudge and must be avoided, no exceptions! this is a very dangerous area in these conditions." (Quoted from cruising notes, Desolation Sound)

Winds will rise to southeast 70 km/h over parts of the Inner South Coast early this evening. Northern sections of the Sunshine Coast and East Vancouver Island regions could see occasional gusts to 100 km/h this evening and Thursday morning.  (Wind warning, today, Environment Canada)

Driving down a hill on the highway this afternoon, I saw what these warnings are talking about. The water in the channel was ruffled slightly, but at one point in the centre, a diagonal line of tall waves, white-capped and spraying, showed where the wind and tide were in conflict. And toward the south end of Quadra Island, and far down into Georgia Strait, whitecaps formed a low wall between the east and western shores.

Photo taken from the highway, in pouring rain. Smooth water beyond the wall of waves, smooth water again on this side of the channel.

The lighthouse at Cape Mudge, and the wall of waves. Taken from the shore, so the water beyond the wall doesn't show.

The wall goes on south past Mitlenatch Island and disappears behind Willow Point.

When I drove home, a couple of hours later, the wall was no longer there; the wind was still strong, but the tide had moved on.

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  1. Now that's scary! I'm definitely a fair weather boater. Just going through some of the rapids around Campbell River makes me uncomfortable. - Margy


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