Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Hermits in a blue bowl

Such excitement!

Run, run, run!

When I clean the tank, I remove all the hermits and other sensitive critters to an assortment of bowls until the scrubbing and sloshing is finished. To keep the hermits occupied in their big, bare, blue bowl, I give them fragments of dried shrimp. They each grab one, and then spend the rest of the time racing around, certain that all the others are going to steal their piece, trying to keep it out of reach. A game of catch-me-if-you-can, with 16 players, all being "it".

When the tank is ready for them again, I transfer them gently, one by one, each one clutching his treasure tightly. Once they're home again, they finally settle down to eat.


  1. Do you remove the water, and if so, how to you replace it? Bring in ocean water? - Margy

  2. I used to use water from Boundary Bay or White Rock, until I had problems with pollution. Now I replace a third of the water each week with water I mix up from filtered, de-chlorinated water with a salt mix called Instant Ocean. The anemones are the most sensitive to changes in water quality, and they're happy with this mix.

  3. I've heard that salt water tanks are trickier than fresh water ones. You've been at it for so long it probably is just second nature for you. - Margy

  4. I guess it is, sort of. It's like a clock ticking in the back of my mind always ... time to add ice, more ice, time to check salinity, time to check the mood of the anemones, time to change the water ...


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