Thursday, February 25, 2016

Swelling buds

Another few days of sunshine, and leaves and flowers will be popping out all over!

Name this tree. Before the buds open. Can you?

The weedy-looking shrub in my front yard has turned out to be forsythia; the flower buds are yellow-tipped. This makes me happy.


  1. Forsithia and quince , along with pussywillow were my Mothers Springtime charmers

  2. Green bark like a maple, but looks a little too knobbly, with all those buds.
    Is it a native tree?

  3. Upupaepops, Quince! I used to have one of those in my front yard some 20-odd years ago. I'd forgotten about them. Beautiful flowers!

    Towhee, I really don't know. It's in a park along the waterfront, so it could be an import. I'll go back in a few days to see if it's sprouted leaves or flowers; then we should be able to identify it.

  4. Can't be a maple, as it's alternate leaved. Out here on the east coast, pretty much anything with clustered buds like that is an oak, but I don't know your western trees at all.

  5. I spotted a flowering cherry yesterday with buds just like these and thought of you.


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