Friday, February 26, 2016

More spring goodness


With stripy shadows from the shrubs across the path.
 And snowdrops!

Resting my eyes from counting distant Trumpeter swans. The snowdrops droop in a swan-like posture, too.

And forsythia!

Recent windstorms had broken off a few branches from the forsythia on my front lawn. I realized they were trying to bud, even lying abandoned on the grass, so I brought them inside and gave them some water. And now they're blooming before their sisters back on the bush.

So very yellow!


  1. I remember forsythia. I grew up on upstate New York and we had forsythia bushes along the right front of our lawn. They were so beautiful in spring. Love your pictures - all that color must make your eyes happy.

  2. Just can't believe the difference in seasons! Still snowy and cold here, though we're a long way south of you.


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