Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Look out below!

I've been on the road all day, highways and byways and trails in the bush, to lakes and bays and piles of rock.

Rock face beside McCreight Lake

"Watch for fallen rock," a sign said. Nervous-making.

More photos later. For now, bed.


  1. I remember a 'Watch for Fallen Rock' sign on the Alaska Highway, and there was actually fallen rock on the road! Serious fallen rock!

  2. I've seen that, too. On the Bella Coola highway. But I prefer fallen rock to falling rock. "Fallen" rock, already cleared away, makes me nervous; isn't it about time for the next batch to come down?

  3. I love our granite outcrops. I never tire from looking up at the one outside our cabin door. We've never had a problem with falling rocks, but we did have a tree die, rot and come down barely missing us. - Margy

  4. Yes, you have a beauty just outside your door! Falling trees are scary, too! Good thing it missed you.


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