Sunday, January 17, 2016

Butter and teeth

I found this fungus on a rotting stump on Baikie Island. (Yes! I found the way in!)

Unidentified tooth fungus.

I've looked in my mushroom guide, and scanned hundreds of photos on the web, and can't find any to quite match it. It looks, in spots, like some of the photos of Hericium sp., but the general structure is wrong. Or maybe it's a toothy polypore. I give up, for now.

At least this one was easy; it grew at the base of the same stump, and was what called me over in the first place.

Orange witches butter. With a curious sowbug, peeping out. A second later, he was back in hiding.

The bark of the dead stumps left here is almost all stained or burned to a deep blue-black.

More about the island, tomorrow.

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  1. I've seen witch's butter around here but nothing like the tooth fungus, unique! - Margy


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