Thursday, December 17, 2015


It's coming up to the end of the year, and I've been reviewing the year's photos. This one, from last March, was in one of the "when I get around to it" files.

Hairy hermit in Nerite shell

The shell is one I bought in the aquarium supply store. It comes from a fresh- or brackish-water snail. I think this one is from Indonesia. New, it was deep red with black spots, but a year or so in the tank has leached out much of its colour.

Hermits occasionally decide to use the shell, but soon discard it in favour of one of the usual mud snail, periwinkle, or whelk shells. "Shop locally," is their motto.


  1. Nice shot. Even a temporary home is valuable. =)

  2. A closeup of its eye reveals a suspicious glare. I've never seen an eye quite like it among compound-eye arthropods.

  3. Tim, yes, they are interesting eyes. Very expressive, although the expressions I read may not match the intention of the owners! Translation issues, from hermit to human. :)


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