Friday, December 18, 2015

May morning

Reviewing last year's photos on a rainy evening, in a melancholy mood after a lonely party, I came across this photo of my garden last May. Just what I needed!

Columbine, with London Pride, hostas, and pachysandra in the background.

It's been a difficult year, losing Laurie, and then leaving everything behind to come here. But spring is coming soonish, and gardens are healing. I've cleaned out the small garden plot here, ripping out a barrel of weeds, to find the mud full of bulbs. I don't know what they are, but now they're all sprouting. Life goes on.

And this garden will have sunshine! And winters are for browsing seed catalogs! Time to start making lists of perennials. Columbines and cosmos, daffs and azalea ... And some ferns for Laurie: I know just where they'll do nicely.


  1. My little patch is at least a month early in terms of what has sprouted, or is even blooming.

    I look forward to your posts in the coming new year.

  2. I love your posts and pictures every day. Thank you so much for your part of the blogosphere! It will be fun to see just what those bulbs are - I love it when surprise plants show up in my backyard - birds bring seeds and things show up that are keepers.


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