Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Study in browns

Western conifer seed bug on Bosc pear.

He loved the pear; kept walking around and around it.

10 more days. This time the 15th, I'll be settling into Campbell River. I'm packed and ready; what's going to be difficult is moving my little aquarium, critters and all, without stressing them. I'll discuss my preparations for this in a day or so.


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  2. Why not release them before you go? Campbell River has no shortage of new critters, and you'll need the tank space if you are to adopt some new ones.

  3. I've thought of that. The hermits and crab are easily released on the beach, but the two big anemones not so much. The older one, of course, came from Campbell River originally, and handled the trip quite well in a small container. And the one you found for me would have to be taken out to about the same zone if it were to survive on the beach, which may not be possible at this time of year.

    So if I'm transporting the anemones, I may as well take the hermits, too; they're less picky than anemones.

  4. I just re-checked the tide tables. There are no really low tides this week, except one sort of low in the middle of a night. It looks like I'll be going down to pick up some seaweed Friday morning, which would be the time to release the crab and larger hermits.

  5. I just found one in my kitchen sink (and a dead one outdoors). - Margy


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