Sunday, October 04, 2015

Mother and kit

I'm going to miss these two!

An old friend, a raccoon I once called "too tame",* brought her baby over to look for any sunflower seeds the chickadees might have missed. When I opened the door, she called her kit and left; she's learned caution. Having a kid (or kit) will do that to you.

Ma and Baby Fuzz

Too cute!

I noticed last year that her left eye was damaged. The surrounding area looked weepy and inflamed; whether she was blind in that eye or not, I couldn't tell. By now, the surrounding area has healed, but the eye itself has not recovered. I doubt that she can use it at all. At least it's probably not painful any more.

"Managing quite well, thank you. And my baby liked your treats."

When I followed her out to the lawn, she was standing tall against a wall, turning her head from side to side, looking with that one good eye, making sure it was safe.

"It's just us three here, then?"

I'm an old friend; she decided I'm ok, after all. She collected her kit and took him past me and on into the cedars.

* I called her "him" then, but I guessed wrong.


  1. Nice photographs. We have regular raccoon visitors. Went out last week to pick our multicolored decorative corn only to find out the coons had made off with every ear but two. 😀 sometimes we win sometimes we lose. Irritating? Sure, but the entertainment value outweighs the irritation. Wildlife reminds me that all around me is life, life that has value and a right to live. As much as lies within me I try to live and let live. ( exception made for flies and mosquitos)

  2. Bruce, well, they left two ears; one for each of you. Good of them!

    I don't mind flies, within reason, but mosquitos; one is over my limit!

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  4. So cute. I haven't seen a raccoon here at the cabin for over ten years, and that one was HUGE! I see you are moving to Campbell River. It's a nice place, we visit once in a while. Maybe we can reconnect. - Margy

  5. Margy, Oh, yes, I'll be much closer to you! I'd love to see you there! (I'll send you an address by e-mail.)

  6. Beautiful photos. Raccoons are so photogenic.


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