Friday, January 23, 2015

Grey and gloomy

A view from a hospital window early this afternoon. A rainy January day.

The east side of the hospital looks out onto Green Timbers Urban Forest. It will be a pleasant view in the spring. Right now, it suits my mood. Laurie is not doing well.

I walked across the hospital complex with a woman whose mother is dying, passing the birthing room on the way, and waited in line for a sandwich behind a woman with her pre-school nephew, talking about his new baby brother. Birth and death, and sandwiches. The stuff of life.


  1. A very touching post. I hope things are brighter soon.

  2. Thinking about the two of you. I know it is a hard time. - Margy

  3. My prayers go out for both of you!!! Hope this interlude ends soon!


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