Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Taking a break

I'll be taking a semi-break from the blog for a few days, maybe a couple of weeks. Laurie has been sick for some time, and has ended up in hospital, so I'll be either too busy or too tired, or both, to post every day for a while.

Laurie on his favourite beach, January, 2013. Boundary Bay.

They've found his problem and are working on a fix. We'll be back on the beach before spring.


  1. So sorry to hear about Laurie's troubles. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I so enjoy your blog and photos; it will leave a bit of a hole in my morning while you are gone!

  2. I hope that Laurie will be on the mend soon. Hospital tie is nevereasy. Take care of yourself too. Will look forward to your return whenever that may be.

  3. Sending best wishes for Laurie's full and excellent recovery. As Bev wrote, take care of yourself too. Hospital time is hard on everyone.

  4. Best wishes and prayers to Laurie and yourself.

  5. Hope for a speedy recovery. Take care.

  6. Sorry to hear Laurie isn't well. It was so much fun to meet both of you in Steveston. Wishing both of you the best, and a speedy recovery for Laurie. - Margy


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