Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Lazy day photos

I've been down with the annual winter sniffles, but managed to make a quick trip to Tsawwassen to collect eelgrass and Turkish towel for my tank critters. I took the slow road home across the lower delta, staying off busy highways where unexpected sneezes can be dangerous.

So I got to count birds; 5 hawks, on trees and light poles; half a dozen eagles, and as many nests; hundreds and hundreds of ducks and Canada geese in soggy, muddy fields; small flocks of starlings and pigeons roosting on trees and wires; and a constant stream of gulls overhead, heading southwest to wherever they go at dusk. I miss that, now that the new highway system is open and I have to keep my eyes on the road.

I pulled off, twice, to take quick photos with the little point-and-shoot.

Gazebo and branches. A bare hint of sunset, which quickly faded to grey.

Mount Baker and blueberry field. The plants turn red for the winter.

I've got the tank cleaned and refurbished. My critters are happy with their new climbing equipment/nibbles. And I'm tuckered out. Goodnight!

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