Monday, August 18, 2014

Keeping an eye on us

These critters all dropped in to visit this week.

Hornet under glass

Hundreds of eyes, and toothed jaws.

Winged ant termite*. Running.

Not running.

Crane fly on carpet. Sleeping with his eyes open.

1/3 of the crane fly. I cropped out miles of leg.

Shot in the dark. Fly on outside of window, 10:00 PM.

Mosquito, with double reflection from glass door.

June bug. He came to help with the watering.

And a cute jumping spider, very small, was running around on my kitchen stove. Luckily for him, I wasn't cooking.

Such nice fuzzy pedipalps!

Eyes in the back of his head. Very useful.

Sitting up to beg like a puppy. Sorry, I had no spider treats for him.

I took him outside; the stove is no place to practice your jumps on.

*See comments. Thanks, Christopher!


  1. Your 'winged ant' is, in fact, a winged termite. But just like the ants, he or she is looking for an opportunity to drop the wings and start a new home.

    (Also, while I can't tell you exactly what type of termite it is, I should probably note that only a relatively few of them cause damage to houses).

  2. Thanks, Christopher. I'll correct the post.

    I didn't know that about termites; I'll have to read up on them.

  3. I can do nicely without hornets coming to visit. We had new nests this year at the cabin, one up in the eves over our bedroom window and one next to the boat dock. I got stung one summer and that was enough for me. - Margy

  4. I got stung badly by wasps a couple of summers ago. It took months for the swelling to go down. So I'm very cautious around all of these stinging critters. The hornet was trapped under glass. Afterwards, I shook him outside and slammed the door before he came back inside.


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