Sunday, August 17, 2014

Not a cuke

I give up. I can't identify this plant. Can you?

About the size of a pickling cuke.

These were growing out of a mass of thistles mixed with several other plants beside a lagoon in Reifel Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary. They look like small cucumbers, but grow from a stiff stalk, not a vine. I thought they might be day lily pods, but they hang down, instead of standing upright on the stalk. And they're bigger than any lily pods I've seen.

Two of three on one stalk.

No leaves were visible among the thistles, and I couldn't reach them to dig through and find the base of the plants.

What do you think?

(Google daily mix-up: why, when I Google "lily pods", do I get a photo of the rear end of a zebra?)


  1. No idea. Google must have a strange algorithm for searches. I find strange results all the time. - Margy

  2. Sara, they're similar, but not quite; they're rougher and not quite so cuke-shaped.


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