Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Everything's hard at work ...

... and we're just idling along, watching them go at it.

Thimbleberry leaf, collecting sunlight to feed the berries.

Honeybee harvesting pollen. Note the fat pollen bags on her legs.

A small vetch (tufted vetch, maybe?) in a tangle of assorted weeds, enticing pollinators.

Syrphid fly on blackberry leaves. With grass and buttercup going to seed.

Blackberry flower, with two flying critters. Can you find the second?

Zooming in to see the shapes of the stamens (the pollen-bearing stalks) and the styles and stigmas (the short tubes that receive the pollen).

Yellow and orange fruiting bodies of a cup lichen on a tree trunk.

We were the only lazy ones there. Unless taking photos can somehow be construed as work.


  1. The photo of the blackberry flower--i don't even see the first fly. The bug in the centre looks like a bee (wings folded inwards, antennae pointed outwards)...could be wrong though.

  2. Tim, You're right! I don't really know what the second one is; it's too small to tell.

    I've amended the post to "flying critters". Thanks!

  3. Somewhere, I have a picture my DD drew when she was about three, of a bee with pollen baskets. I wonder where it is, and I sure hope I did not give it to her, as she would have trashed it...
    I call that vetch cow vetch.
    You got really god shots of the leaves!!! For some reason, they tend to over-expose when I try it...

  4. About those leaves: I shoot in Raw, which gives me darker files to work with. With a point-and-shoot, it helps to cast my shadow on the subject. Otherwise, most sunny shots tend to have over-exposed areas.


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