Sunday, June 01, 2014

Baker's dozen; beauty and beasties

Random moments from our May wanderings:

Banana slug eating a faded leaf, Cougar Canyon

Columbine in my garden

Nootka rose, with 4 critters. The orange bee I was following left before I could catch him. Burns Bog.

I've never seen a wasp nest like this one before. Overhead, as we went out our door. About 4 inches long.

Osprey spiderwort, Potter's nursery.

This was strange. It's a short branch off a dead tree; just the stem and then this - thing. A beginning of a burl, maybe?
White flowers under shrubbery beside the road. Unidentified.

Down to the beach . . .

Centennial beach, from the new concession stand.

Mussels, barnacles, and sea lettuce on the rope holding a boat float.

Tide coming in, Crescent Beach

Laughing log? Beach Grove shore.

Glossy water and cloud, Point Roberts.

And more clouds:

Centennial Beach and Point Roberts.

A Skywatch post


  1. I like that laughing log!

  2. Very nice. I enjoy virtual visits to the ocean, as well as actual. I think that laughing log looks a lot like a bunny cracking up. =)

  3. Your whit flower appears to be field chickweed, Cerastium arvense

  4. Furry Gnome; Thanks!

    biobabbler; yes, now I can see the bunny. I showed it to Laurie and told him it was a rabbit, and HE cracked up.

    Upupaepops; It looks similar, but I thought this was a nursery plant. I could easily be wrong.


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