Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas . . .

Well, today, anyhow. It snowed all night last night. Now it's melting; tomorrow will be Slushmas.

But even the parking lot next door was pretty while it lasted.

The snow has stopped falling, but there's a cool mist in the air.
Snow or slush, my garden is happy.

And starting Sunday, each day will be longer than the one before*; the sun's coming back. Happy Solstice, everyone!

*At least, for us lucky northern hemisphere people.


  1. We've got ice rain! Kingston, ON, is a skating rink!

  2. Yikes! Be careful out there!

  3. Snow, snow, snow here! Shovel, shovel, shovel ... Sigh. But the great news that days are getting longer ... makes all well.

  4. And I'm missing it all. But the warm sun down in California is a nice change too. - Margy


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