Sunday, December 08, 2013

Ain't misbehaving

My hermit crabs have been acting out of character these last few weeks; fighting over females, yanking the poor girls about, challenging hermits three times their size, even across species lines. But when I try to get the evidence on camera, oh, they're such angels! Shrimp pellets wouldn't melt in their mouths!

Meanwhile, I'm staring into their habitat, taking random photos, waiting till they let their guard down.

These are today's crop: anemones and well-behaved hermits.

Another look at Val's tentacles.

A tiny orange-striped anemone, once riding a snail, now moved to just west of the pump, and growing fast.

Another small anemone, unidentified. It started out as one a few weeks ago, and has now cloned itself twice.

Val eats several snails a day, but never bothers the hermits, who shelter cozily under her tentacles.

(This hermit is usually in the thick of any fight going on. But not now; the camera is looking his way.)

Grainy-hand hermit, in an shell overgrown with algae, etc., and too small for him now, anyways.

Checking out new shells. I've just donated the white one, which I think should fit him.

Tomorrow, if the hermits persist in pretending innocence, snail eyes.

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  1. Just like kids. Your anemones are amazing. I didn't know they cloned themselves. - Margy


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