Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Well-lighted passage

The water in Georgia Strait this weekend was flat, even glassy in spots. The ferry skimmed along smoothly, almost imperceptibly, except for the wash streaming straight out behind us. And wonder of wonders, someone had recently washed the windows on the first ferry! I was able to stay inside, in the warmth, and still see the coasts of the islands our route passed.

First half of the trip across the Strait. Our route marked in red. Google maps.

Saltspring Island

Light beacon on point. I notice that a lot of them now are solar powered.

Just a gull playing in the ship's air stream.

Hole in the wall. These little, usually unvisited, creek openings have always intrigued me. I want to row over, go and clamber over the rocks, see what's living in there.

Another inviting spot. A sun-warmed mossy rock, with light beacon.

Huge winch and chain.

Ferry and two beacon lights, one on the point, and one out in the channel. Plus a little marker buoy (with a light) beside the ferry. The end of a dock on the far right holds a row of cormorants.

Lighthouse on the shady side. Georgina Point, Mayne Island, at the eastern end of Active Pass.

It's a tricky route. The ferry track passes barely a stone's throw from several rocky reefs. The gap between Clive and Knapp Islands, just out of Schwartz Bay is just over 300 yards wide; Active Pass is double that, but ferries pass each other along here. I'm glad there are so many markers.

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  1. Makes me miss the ocean to see these pics.


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