Thursday, November 28, 2013

Blue and white

November and December are slow months on our beaches. The only low tide of the day is scheduled around 3:00 A.M. Walking the shore in the afternoons, only sometimes are we lucky enough to get a couple of feet of intertidal zone. But the clouds make up for it.

Boundary Bay, looking south

I'm having computer problems; spent most of the day today reading the machine the riot act, and it's still misbehaving. Two year old computers are more stubborn than two year old kids.

A Skywatch post


  1. Love seeing your skies there. Sure hope your computer starts behaving.

  2. The blue of winter skies!

    Computers ... bah. I have a perfectly good computer ... suffices for all my needs ... BUT ... the operating system is old (8 years old) and doesn't want to respond to the new technology. Sigh. Mail problems, etc. It means I may have to bite the bullet and buy a new computer. I can hardly justify it. Maybe for my birthday I'll consider it. Really, what I do hardly warrants the expense of a desk top computer anymore.

  3. Nice day today wasn't it? You know it is supposed to be windy, rainy and cold. Happy Skywatch!

  4. Seems a nice day on the beach. Wonderful clouds!

  5. Great contribution to the theme day. Enjoy your weekend!


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