Monday, May 27, 2013

Irises at Elgin Park

Laurie risked life and limb (well, maybe not life), dangling from a Scotch broom over a steep bank to get this photo:

The first of the irises.

I was lazier, stayed on top of the bank, and just pulled aside the branches to get a bud.

The background is a yellow-brown scum, spotted with cottonwood "snow".

I'm still processing photos from that walk. And I should be in bed.


  1. The cottonwoods where I live had a very sparse year seed-wise. I can remember having to sweep the stuff up with a broom.

    The Russian word for cottonwood fluff is "pookh", which I think sounds exactly like the sound you make if you happen to get it in your mouth.

    I admire Laurie's skill; when I do some similar maneuver I inevitably end up in the water.

  2. "Pookh"! I like that.

    Laurie was pleased with your comment. I've never seen him fall in the water, although a few times I was sure he would. And once he dropped me in the creek. Good thing it was a hot day.

  3. I think I prefer your image, to be honest... No need to explain that the background is scum...

  4. Judy, But ... scum is good! (Most of the time.) I mentioned it as an explanation for the colour.

    Anyhoo, thanks for the comment on my photo. I liked it, but almost didn't include it, because it was so sparse.


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