Sunday, May 26, 2013

As promised: Duelling bees!

The thimbleberries are in bloom, and setting fruit. In Elgin Park, the bushes were swarming with industrious bees.

One flower seemed a bit crowded.

Two can share; there's room enough

Each to her own side of the table

"Oops! Almost fell out!"

"You're crowding me!"

Watch the changes: one has a grey jacket and frayed wings (Ms. G.). The other (Ms. Y) is younger; her jacket is yellow, and her wings are smoothly rounded.

G. "What are you doing under there? Get out!"

Y. "I'm not leaving! Stop pushing!"

Y. "I'm not putting up with this! Bug off!"

Y. "I'll fix you!" (Dive bombing Ms. G.)

G. "Oh? Well, two can play at that game! Here I come!"

Y. "You don't scare me! This is my flower and I'm staying here!"

As the squabble didn't seem to be likely to end soon, we went on our way.


  1. Oooh, I like the mid-air shots. Bees I try to shoot always seem a bit more contrary about having their picture taken...must be an east-coast arrogance thing...

  2. Wow - great shots - love the conversation too.

  3. Bill, They're usually not so cooperative here, either, but they were so engrossed that they didn't even notice me.


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