Sunday, February 10, 2013

A clammy aphrodisiac

It was going to be a busy day, and I was rushing in the morning to get ready. But whatever the rush, the critters need to be taken care of.

In a quick pass, I checked the water level, added ice (more on that, later), and dropped in a chunk of frozen clam, still on the quarter shell, for the day's meal. Ten minutes later, holding my morning coffee, I looked to see how they liked it. Each little piece of shell had a hermit on it, busily carving it up.

Another ten or so minutes; breakfast was on; I checked the tank while it cooked. Now the largest section of clam had one hermit and five Nassa snails, gathered from their usual hiding places under the sand.

Before I left, I had time for one more stop. The hermits were still at it. No sign of the snails, at first, but when I looked around the tank, there they were, six of them, all happily mating. Seems that clam meat is a love potion.

Nassa, alone again.

There was a row of fresh, creamy eggs on the eelgrass tonight.

(I hooked up the macro lens this evening. This was one of the first experimental shots. Very shallow depth of field, and I should be using a tripod for these. Hard to manage, when the snail won't stop snailing. I like the bokeh.)


  1. ...and so, the spam begins again. I recently got some macro equipment too...looking forward to your shots!

  2. I've heard about oysters, but guess clams can work in a pinch. - Margy

  3. Thanks for the warning, Tim. I've put word verification back on.

    Margy, maybe I should get my snails an oyster!


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