Saturday, February 09, 2013

It's about time!

I've taken the plunge; went out and bought myself a "real" camera. I've been having trouble making up my mind. Every camera I've looked at has seemed better, in some ways, than the last, and I finally just chose almost at random.

I got a NikonD7000, with two lenses, one for macro and one for the beach. I haven't even unpacked the macro lens yet, but tonight I had to walk around the house, taking sample shots while I figured out the basic controls. There's going to be a lot to learn with this one.

Here's a quick shot of a difficult corner in my place; awkward lighting, a variety of textures, etc. And I forgot to dust first, or even to straighten up the fabric. I took out one glare spot and resized the photo.

My favourite Japanese broken pot, Mexican sample of embroidery, and my melted wire "dragon".

Wrong lens; that should have been a macro shot. And I'll need to tweak some settings. But for a first trial, it'll do.

I took a photo of the aquarium from halfway across the room, with the tank lights off. And got, hidden in the depths of the eelgrass, a recognizable face shot of one of the mid-sized hermits. Wow!


  1. Wonderful. A great day. I'm sure it will bring great joy and interest. Very enthusiastic on your behalf.

    (And the picture is lovely, with beautiful, deep colours.)

  2. Yayyyyyyy! You are going to be so impressed! Have fun with it. :)


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