Friday, December 14, 2012

Ant rescues sugar, I rescue ant photos

Ant with sugar cubes . . .

Trying to get a grip on it to haul it home.

This one was too big.

What a difference a bit of software makes! These photos were taken with the old Canon A720, back in 2008. I was using Piknik, if I remember correctly, to crop and lighten up, but that was it. The photos turned out dark, noisy, and brown, except for the one where the lighting was ideal. I found them tonight (looking for sky photos for Skywatch, but I'm always too distractable) and thought I might have a look at what Photoshop Elements could do. A few basic tweaks: levels, saturation, spot remover, and sharpening: and they're totally different!

Not a Skywatch post. Our skies these days are hopeless; grey on grey, with overtones of grey.


  1. Amazing what a bit of tweaking can do!

    Beautiful, picture perfect, blue, sunshiny day here today after a big snow fall that started yesterday (that would be Thursday) around 12:30 noon and ended 12ish midnight. We are to get more snow late tonight/early morning. I shoveled this morning and now my knee is bummed out. Can hardly walk. (How did that happen?) All that shoveling and bummed knee left no time nor energy to venture forth for lovely pictures. Sigh.

  2. My daughter had a note on her fridge, long ago; "Shoveling the walk while it's snowing, is like cleaning the house while the kids are growing." Has to be done, though.

    Sorry about the knee! Mine, when I did it in a few years back, took far too long to heal, probably because I just gritted my teeth and went on with life. I hope you're pampering yours now, with hot compresses and ice packs and athletic bandages, anything it wants.

    You've convinced me: if - when - I move back north, I'm investing in a snow blower.

  3. Very nice. I have Photoshop but haven't learned how to use it yet. Maybe it would be good for me to take a class or buy a book. - Margy


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