Saturday, December 15, 2012

And this is a Skywatch post

I grumbled too soon. This afternoon, though the clouds were menacing, the sun shone around and under them. There were even small patches of blue sky, and a few minutes of sunset!

From our parking lot. 3:30 PM or thereabouts.

Expecting nothing but grey and grey drizzle, I'd already gone looking for consolation in my hard drive. Here's what I found.

November, 2006. More storm clouds, but warmth out in the bay. From the lay of the land, I think this is Mud Bay.

August, last year. Contrails at sunset from Powell River.

February, 2008. A pink cotton puff of a cloud, from our windows. South Delta.

After today's news, we needed a bit of light.

A Skywatch post.


  1. As I was driving back to Bellingham from the Vancouver Airport there was the most amazing sunset over Crescent Beach. I should have stopped, but wanted to get back before dark. - Margy

  2. And we were store-hopping around home, and missed the opportunity!


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