Friday, November 09, 2012

Mostly mallards

With the beavers in control again, the ponds full of water and reflections, the cold weather approaching, birds are coming back to Cougar Creek park. On the water, they're mostly mallards at this season; other waterfowl will show up when winter comes.

We took too many photos of mallards and reflections.

The main pond, surrounded by trees and weeds. The flock of mallards is behind me, hurrying to catch up, just in case I'm carrying treats. The diving birds, mergansers, buffleheads, and wood ducks prefer this deeper water. Mallards and wigeons dabble in the shallows.

Mallard female, with reflections mimicing her feather pattern,

Mallard pair. Yellow scribbles reflect not-quite-bare trees on the far shore.

At the creek entrance, the trees crowd in, creating shadows and marvellous green water.

Male and blue sky (reflected).

Manky mallard. Has hints of purplish blue on the head, no blue speculum, patchy back.

Far down the quiet arm of the main pond, a flock of pine siskins was drinking at the end of a log, chattering and preening as they waited their turn.

We didn't do the complete circuit, because of Laurie's back, so we missed the sparrows and finches that hang out near the blackberry patch, and the robins that patrol the lawns. Next time; every day, Laurie is getting more of his strength back.

A Skywatch post.


  1. I'm trying to get caught up on my reading, and have been thoroughly enjoying the beaver wars. I love how the ponds are attracting so much wildlife!

    Thank you so much for the hospital heart you sent me. It made me cry. I'm so glad to hear Laurie is on the mend, and you are able to be out and about together again.

  2. Love your pics of the ducks, but my fave is the first shot with that brilliant reflection.

  3. I love all the reflections!!
    As for the beavers, they keep moving into the marsh area here, and they get trapped out. I seldom see trees that they have felled, so they are eating something else, and using cattails (or something) to make their lodges.


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