Monday, July 23, 2012

Greendale afternoon

We were in Greendale for a family wedding at my daughter's wedding chapel. I kept myself busy between events, taking photos of the kids. Laurie wandered about, checking out the garden, watching the sun set. These are a few of his photos.

Crocosomia, shedding petals

A tangle of daisies

Hydrangea and rail fence

Busy napping

Sparrow on a wire

Light fading on the neighbour's farmhouse, pink on the clouds and mountain peaks.

More warm light

Mountains southeast of Chilliwack

Darkening clouds over the chapel bell tower.

And one of mine:

Cousins, collecting tiny flowers to refill the flower girl's basket. (After the ceremony.)

The bride was beautiful, the groom beaming, the parents proud. The weather behaved itself; not too hot, not too damp, not raining; we were able to eat dinner in the chapel gardens. But the mosquitoes -- ahh! the mosquitoes! -- they were plentiful, and bloodthirsty! It's been a bad year for them at that end of the Fraser Valley. And by the time I found the Off, both bottles were empty.

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  1. D's folks lived very near the chapel but it wasn't the chapel then - almost acrooss the street on old yale. I thought the skitters would be bad up here this year because we've had a fair amount of rain but not so. So miserable when they are out on mass and bloodthirsty...hard to relax and enjoy.


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