Sunday, July 22, 2012

A baleful eye

happily, behind a wire fence.

My son-in-law's rooster.

Plumes over his back.

His hens, keeping their distance.

At Greendale, in Chilliwack, at the east end of the Fraser Valley.


  1. I love the clucky contented sound hens make! My friends in Quesnel used to have chickens and went through a series of roosters, some very pretty, some good and some mean!

    D's folks lived in Greendale for a few years and they too had chickens.

  2. That's one thing I don't hear at the cabin, a rooster. But Mr. Raven makes enough noise to fill the void. - Margy

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  4. Eileen, the rooster is not as mean as he looks. The little kids, even, toddlers, like to go and feed him. Through the fence, of course.

    Ah, Mr. Raven! I heard them up at Campbell River; what a racket they make!


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