Saturday, June 09, 2012

Wet critter fix

Rain or no rain, we must needs flip rocks if we're on a beach ...

No need to flip rocks for this grainy hand hermit; he was walking along the edge of a tidepool. Very shy; unlike most, he kept peeking out, seeing me still watching, and zipping back inside.

Crab molt lying on the sand, torn apart by the waves. (Gulls would have made much more of a mess.) I was intrigued by the orange gills; they look almost like sections of a mandarin orange.

Almost every rock we flipped sheltered several shore crabs. Can you see the three good-sized ones here? The snails are periwinkles.

It was a good day for polychaete worms. This stone hid at least 7; 3 are visible here. On such a grey, wet day, their shimmery colours are muted, and they look black instead.

Ahhhh! That felt good! I really miss my intertidal critters.


  1. No crabs for me today- just crab spiders!

  2. Cool.. I thought orange segments too.


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