Friday, June 08, 2012

Interlude on a rainy afternoon

We'd been too long behind glass and under roofs, sheltering from the rain. Tuesday, rain or shine, we decided to get in some beach time.

So it rained. I carried an umbrella down the White Rock beach without ever opening it; the rain slowed down to a mere sprinkle, and as long as I kept the camera inside my jacket it stayed dry, which is what matters. And we were rewarded by a dry spell as we walked back along the railroad track. We dawdled, then, taking photos of the flowering shrubs on the hillside.

The invasive Himalayan blackberry; beautiful, delicious, but such a pest!

Blackberry flower with bee mimic.

Wild honeysuckle

The humble native trailing blackberry, in a bed of grasses.

Nootka rose. Another native, almost tough enough to compete with the blackberry. Almost.

And now we're back to rain, rain, rain.


  1. I love to pick blackberries in late summer. We have so many places to choose from to get nice big juicy ones. We even have a festival to celebrate them in August. - Margy

  2. Years ago, I was waiting at the ferry dock in in Powell River with my parents in their motorhome. (An Ultravan, in case there are any fans out there.)

    We picked blackberries by the road while we waited, and had them for dessert with lunch. So delicious, sun-warmed and sweet!


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